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I have never really tried eating out a girl. Something like that and don't want to make acomplete fool out of myself. I am just looking for a way to give my girl a new wonderful sensation.Any help would be appreciated.
Christopher F. Varro

Well, any effort is usually appreciated! Cunnilingus is as much appreciated by women as is fellatio by men. The key to beginning with an inexperienced partner and with little of your own is to make it plain to her if she hasn't managed fellatio yet, that you doing this for her is not some form of blackmail or reciprocally implied agreement that you get to come in her mouth or something. Give it time. Some, anyway. If you have found or are now finding the smell of a woman's genitals to be as intoxicating and as surprisingly so as most men feel when they try cunnilingus, then you should have no trouble! We are so clearly evolved to do that that many men find it every bit as stimulating as intercourse, as surprising as that might seem to a "newbie" to sex!

Basically there are a couple approaches, and they require a guide. The woman! Always the woman!! beg, beseech, tell, her that you REALLY want her to tell you what feels the best ALL the time, and that you CRAVE hearing her tell you, even if she is demanding and particular. Tell her that it arouses you to hear her directing you and that it delights you to be directed by her to satisfy her!! Tell her that even if she became shrill and maniacally demanding that it would make her needs all the more endearing to you!! GET HER TO TALK!!! This is sometimes hard, both because women are taught to be less revealing of their desires, and she may feel "un-ladylike, even if she would wince at that expression!!! Assure her that you find her sexual demands to be the MOST ladylike and alluring that she could be!! And then there are basically two positions. She may wish at first to recline to relax and concentrate. Get between her legs and do what she wishes. Place her hands on the sides of your head and bid her direct you where she pleases. Most typically a woman who is new will not know quite what she likes, and a little knowledge on your part is good. After all, she likely has never had an animated vibrator before whom she has to direct.

There are a few basic patterns to use with your mouth and tongue, and a couple simple things to know. First, tease her clitoris and upper labia where they meet her clit with your tongue. Some like this side to side or from beneath the inner labia and clitoris. Some like an all over randomly walking tongue to stroke them in every direction to start with, and don't exert much pressure unless you feel her pulling your head tighter against her, and she may pull QUITE HARD as she discovers her pleasure and then encourage her to tell you at each stage, as it does change from non-arousal to arousal to orgasm, where to be and what to do! Commonly women often express that men seem not to lick under the clit and inner labia enough and spend to much time directly on the two sides of the helmet of the clitoris, and this simply makes them feel numb after a while. So both vary your pressure and your direction of approach with strokes of your tongue. Also, many women complain that men use a pointed tongue across back and forth, when they would like the tongue to be broad and softened and flattened and brought up from beneath. Some women like to have the clitoris and surrounding labia and clitoral hood to be sucked gently and licked while being sucked and they will readily come to orgasm. Others with more spread out genital features may find that too much, and they will need less pressure, not much sucking at all till the end, and the flatter tongue licking up their clitoris from beneath it. In all respects take their word for it, or you may be there all day.

Don't be at all surprised if the woman wants to stop for a minute or two to let it "cool off", from the friction and get the numbness to go away again. A good thing to do then is to lightly blow on it if she likes that, and to suck and lick the surrounding body parts, the inner thighs and her pubic mound and the fleshy outer labia outside the area of most delicate tissues. Also a sucking bite to the beginnings of the globes of her fanny are usually quite stimulating to her. Sometimes she will simply wish to relax a minute though, so simply tell her that you are hers to command!

When you resume, follow her lead until orgasm is achieved, realizing, as a man does, that persisting too long after the onset of orgasm can be painful or even overwhelming, but that we often like it as women do as well if after the full orgasm has subsided if very delicate and soft slow licks are made to the labia and hooded clitoris with the flattened tongue, or a light suction is applied with the lips to the whole area and simply and lightly maintained with very very slow and tentative strokes with the tongue. Do not be surprised if she pulls your head up off of her if it is too overwhelming. Smile at her and reassure her that her almost involuntary need was not at all offensive to you. Then settle in for some cuddling under covers and some gentle kissing for a time, before inquiring for intercourse or other. Take it slow and you will have a better time. Do not be surprised if the woman takes between 20 and 40 minutes to come from this effort. As you come to know her better you will likely get good enough to always have her come within 10 to 15 minutes, but this takes time to learn between any two partners.

Also, another variation she may wish to try, either before or after intercourse, is for her to sit upon your mouth with her legs astride you facing away from you. This is a comfortable and most pleasant position for a man, as you have best approach to the entire area, and also if she has shown interest in having your tongue deep inside her, this is the perfect position to do so! First follow the previous guidelines and have her come. Everything will be upside down from before, but at least this way left and right are the same. ;-)

Follow her instructions and have her to orgasm. It is often felt as good by her to have your nose into the entrance of her vagina while licking her from "below" that with your flattened tongue and maintaining some suction on her inner labia. Then when she is just beyond the height of orgasm , at the point where she begins relaxing, tell her to bear down and grunt and you insert your tongue into her vagina as far as it will go and lick stiffly all about and massage the musculature of the first few inches of her vagina while sucking quite hard as well upon the whole of her anatomy of the inner labia and such with the broadened lips. Do always keep your teeth off her, just as you would wish that of her for you! During this orgasm and immediately following the bulk of her coming, if she can bear down and push, you may even get a lick at her cervix. She should react more and more to this the more she does it. And, with the Kegel exercises that she can do, trying to do the both things together will likely press her over an "edge" that she didn't know was there, and she may find herself experiencing a powerful contraction of her whole insides which is another type of orgasm completely, and which she will be VERY pleasantly surprised by, a vaginal orgasm, which is different in character from a clitoral orgasm, and even more draining and satisfying. You may be asked to continue this maneuver for some time, depending on how much she is getting out of it!

Do have her look up and practice the very simple Kegel exercises though, if you can encourage her, as both these together are the key to this other, more amazing orgasm!! It can be continued with rests to breath for almost as long as she can stand to do it if she learns it! If she tries the same maneuvers during intercourse, then YOU will find the miracle of a lifetime during sex as well, and you would be quite loath to ever leave this lady who has found how to expand both her pleasure and yours to an extreme that you simply cannot perform yourself! She will find how to meet you halfway with her ability to contract upon you, and that penile size is quite irrelevant; at that point she could clench in orgasm for hours on nothing but a pencil or a finger!! And you will find that her clenching prevents you from coming prematurely as well, and you will find yourself able to delay orgasm quite easily for a very very long time, just from her clenching, which is like unto a mild squeeze technique to delay male orgasm! And you will find that you barely need to move in her to have her experience her orgasms over and over, about a minute apart for most of each minute! She requires time to relax and breath is all! Now this is, condensed, what CAN happen for you two over years of experience together, but through this knowledge, it can be achieved much earlier as well! The key is in obeying her needs, taking the time and trust to learn this together, and being as enamored of her flavor as of the most beautifully smelling musky flowery smell that you have ever smelled or tasted! A juicy woman is like a warm fragrant melon with your tongue and cheeks buried in it that you cannot bring yourself to part with. Oral sex is the key to vaginal orgasms! Once you have been clenched like that you will never need dream of fellatio again, as it will seem pale by comparison, though a nice touch once in a while! -Steve Walz




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